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Going to University

Do you want to see how far your education journey can take you? Going to University or College allows you to follow your dreams, indulge your passions and make the best possible impact on the world that you can.

There are study paths to suit every student, no matter where in the world you live, where you would like to travel, and whatever subject you would like to study.

At Goingto.University we have put together advice to help you choose where, what and how you would like to study, covering everything you need to know to help you along the way.

To get started, browse any of our help articles to learn more about about every step of going to university, from choosing where in the world to study, to finding your course, to applying to University, to things you may not have yet considered like student visas and arranging accommodation.

We wish you good luck in your adventure of going to university, and aim to provide you with the relevant advice that helps you from the very start of your study journey to graduation and beyond.

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